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    Scott Sherwood Certified Probate
    Real Estate Specialist 


Millions of Americans that are dealing with the probate process have either been ill-advised on setting up wills and living trusts or they just didn’t know better. As a result, heirs of an estate find themselves at the beginning of what can be a long and arduous probate process.

I am registered with The United States Probate Services Directory. Upon our consultation you’ll want the representation of someone who listens, cares and you can trust. I and my team, The Sherwood Group, know this path you’re on and the local market insight. The quality of our service is designed to help folks attain their real estate probate goals. This may be one of your family’s biggest decisions regarding the future of things you value most as wealth preservation and legacy. We have probate real estate information and experience you can trust and count on.

We've put together a handy timeline pamphlet you can print out and keep close to your desk to help you navigate the many aspects of settling the estate. We are here to help and encourage. 

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